Missouri Emerald Ash Borer Program | Don't spread pests. Burn firewood where you get it!

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Ash tree

Green ash leaflets, seeds and tree.

How to identify an ash tree

All ash species found in Missouri—green white, pumpkin and blue ash—as well as horticultural cultivars (e.g. Autumn Purple white ash and Marshall Seedless green ash) have been killed by EAB. It infests trees ranging in size from saplings to fully mature trees in forests. While most native borers kill only severely weakened trees, the emerald ash borer kills healthy trees as well, making it especially devastating

Ash wood is used for making flooring, baseball bats, tool handles, cabinets and much more.

To identify an ash tree, first look for the following:

  • It has an opposite branching pattern (two branches come off the main stem, one on each side and directly opposite each other)
  • Has compound leaves
    (a group of leaflets joined by a stalk to a woody stem)
  • Has 5 to 9 leaflets with smooth or finely toothed margins