Missouri Emerald Ash Borer Program | Don't spread pests. Burn firewood where you get it!

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Throughout the state, 15 billboards were installed May 2010 reminding Missourians to not move firewood. The billboards are part of a larger 2010 summer campaign that includes radio ads to raise awareness of EAB and how citizens can help slow the spread. Billboard locations map PDF

EAB and firewood

Dont Move FirewoodNo one knows for certain how or when the emerald ash borer came into Missouri, though it’s believed the insect hitch-hiked its way into the state in a load of firewood carried by a traveler from a state to the east.

Larvae and pupae can hide beneath the bark of cut wood and then escape as adult beetles after being transported many miles. Many of the places where it has been found are parks and campgrounds. People unknowingly carried EAB with them when they brought firewood on a picnic or camping trip.

When camping, don’t spread pests

  • Leave firewood at home.
  • Use only local sources of firewood.
  • If you brought firewood, burn it.

Everyone can take steps to slow the spread of emerald ash borer (EAB) and other pests and diseases to Missouri state parks, woods and other forested and urban areas.