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Osher re-entry scholarship application instructions

Application for scholarship assistance must be submitted electronically.

We will not accept mailed or faxed application materials. ALL application materials should be submitted electronically by midnight central time on May 13, 2012. Applications submitted after this date will not be accepted by the Scholarship Committee.

Please read these directions carefully before proceeding to the online application
To submit a complete application, you must include the following three components:

  1. An online application
  2. A résumé outlining your education, honors and awards, leadership roles, qualifications and work experience
  3. An original essay, maximum of three pages double-spaced (Times New Roman, 12 pt. font is recommended), which describes the following:
    • Reasons for beginning or resuming your undergraduate studies
    • Career goals and objectives
    • Financial need
    • Any other relevant information, such as special circumstances, that the committee should take into consideration when reviewing your application
    This essay is extremely important in the selection process.

The electronic process requires that all three parts of your application be submitted at one time
For the online application you will need to know your myZou ID (student number). You will also need the name and location (city, state) of your high school or the agency from which you received your GED, with beginning and ending dates and your graduation year. This same information will also be required for any colleges that you attended. Before beginning the application process make sure that you have completed your résumé and essay. You will need these documents to complete the application process. The application process must be completed all in one session. If you leave the site your application will not be completed and you will have to start the process again when you return. If you experience technical difficulties please contact:

Instructions for creating and uploading your résumé and essay

  1. If you haven't already written your résumé and essay, create a separate document for each using the word processor or text editor of your choice. At the top of the page, please include your name, MU student number, mailing address and email address. Remember to create separate documents for your essay and résumé.
  2. Save each document, either to your computer or another storage device, as LastNameFirstInitialMiddleInitialEssay or LastNameFirstInitialMiddleInitialResume. Examples of saved files would be SmithJRResume.doc and SmithJREssay.doc. (Note: Most word-processing programs will automatically add the appropriate suffix (.doc, .rtf) when you save your document.) Please note that the following types of documents will be accepted: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf
  3. Enter your information into the online application form. When you get to the bottom of the form and are ready to submit your résumé and essay, click on the appropriate "Browse" button to select your file. Locate and double-click the file you want to upload. The "Choose File" window will close, and the file name will appear in the box next to "Browse." Once you have attached your files, you can submit them with your application to the Osher Committee by clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. If the submission is successful, you will see a confirmation message. Please retain a copy of any file you upload.

The application deadline for the 2012-2013 has passed. Please check back next Spring.

If you have questions, email the Scholarship Committee or call Debbie Betz at 573-882-1583 or 1-800-545-2604.