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Affordable Housing Through Community Partnership

Program description

Quality affordable housing has been an expressed need in various communities in both rural and urban areas of Missouri. This type of housing development can take place successfully through a participatory planning process in which all the community state-holders are involved. The goal of this program is to prepare extension specialists to serve as educators and facilitators in this participatory process to enable the community to successfully develop quality affordable housing in their area. This program will cover issues of consensus building, trust generation, forming community coalitions, generating action plans for affordable housing development. In addition, this program will provide information about various types of affordable housing options available and funding sources for this type of development.

Target audience

Community stake-holders in communities that have affordable housing needs.

Anticipated outcomes

  • The communities where this program will be implemented will develop coalitions and skills to foster quality affordable housing development in their area through the facilitation by extension specialists.
  • They will also develop an understanding that stereotypical notions about affordable housing is incorrect and be exposed to various forms of housing development along with the type of public and private financial support available to generate this type of development.
  • Communities will be able to identify important stakeholders within and outside their communities who would help them to achieve their goals.
  • Communities will be able to develop an action plan for affordable housing development and carry it through.

Contact person

Michael Goldschmidt, AIA CSI, Resident Instruction Assistant Professor & State Specialist


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