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Course Objectives

This course will prepare you to teach others in your community (a) how to prepare for a potential plant biosecurity event, (b) who to contact for a rapid and accurate diagnosis of a suspected problem, (c) typical response and recovery activities to expect if a plant biosecurity problem is confirmed, (d) how to mitigate the likelihood of intentional and unintentional plant biosecurity problems, and (e) how to limit the possible impact of a confirmed plant biosecurity problem.

Extension educators will be able to use the course presentations, worksheets, and handouts to;

  • convince others of the risks and costs associated with plant biosecurity outbreak or agroterrorism event.

  • engage agricultural producers, workers, and others in appropriate plant biosecurity management activities

  • develop and evaluate preparedness plans with agricultural producers

  • teach producers how to appropriately respond to a suspected plant biosecurity problem.

  • involve appropriate individuals in area mitigation planning efforts.

Course Materials

There is no need to purchase additional text books or other materials for this course, as all of your instructional materials are linked to this course. These course reading materials come from credible sources and are intended to provide you with the most current research-based information available on agroterrorism and plant biosecurity issues in the U.S.

Last Updated:  09/02/2009