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Course Navigation: Moving About and Locating Information

If you are a first-time user, you may wish to familiarize yourself with how the course site works.  Please feel free to explore the various elements of the course navigation before you begin the lessons.

Navigation Buttons: The green course buttons are found at the top of this page just under the title. They are designed to give you access to the major areas of the course site. You may move between them as needed during your study. To return to a previous screen, you may use your browser’s “back” button. However, this function is not available during a knowledge assessment.

After clicking on the “Lessons” button, you will see seven brown tab-buttons in the top-center of the main frame (just as you see them at the top of this page). These tabs remain visible until you begin a lesson or click on a different green button. Within each lesson you will find a Back | Next combination at the bottom of each page, enabling you to move back and forth between lesson pages.

After clicking on the “Assessments” button, six purple assessment buttons will appear in the small frame on the right of your screen. The six knowledge assessments are sequentially accessible, therefore you must complete each one of the knowledge assessments with a score of 80% or greater to proceed to the next lesson and its assessment. The “back” feature is not available during knowledge assessments. A help feature is also offered for questions on navigating through the assessments.

After clicking on the green “Help” button, the small frame on the right of your screen will display, "Help & Usability Features of this Site." At the bottom of that frame is an orange “Help Topicsbutton. By clicking on this button, you will gain access to frequently asked questions about the course design, using the course materials, and potential navigation and downloading issues.

Hyperlinks: This course uses hyperlinks to readings and resources. A hyperlink looks like an underlined word or phrase. By using your mouse cursor to click on the underlined word(s), you become automatically connected to reading materials and resources. This course is designed to open readings and resources in a separate window, so when you are finished with a reading and close it, you do not lose your connection to the course.

Stopping and Returning to Your Place:  If you do not want to complete the course in one setting and choose to exit the course, you will need to remember your place so that you may return to the correct location at a later time. As a suggestion, it may be easiest to complete a lesson before exiting.

Time Out feature:  If you are inactive within the course site for more than 20 minutes, the system will require you to log back in with your email address before continuing with your study.  Just click the green "Registration" button above and follow the directions for a returning student.

Should you have technical difficulty, such as buttons that don’t work or links that don’t open properly, please contact the EDEN Webmaster at

Before You Begin: Obtaining Adobe’s free Reader® (Required)

The course materials and readings are saved as “PDF” files, for smooth access to all course documents, whether your computer is a Macintosh or PC. Before you begin this course, make certain that you have the current version of Adobe's free Reader™ installed on your computer. To obtain a free copy of the Reader, you may click on this hyperlink to go directly to Adobe’s Web site:

Before You Begin: Macromedia Flash Plug-in (Required)

The knowledge assessments in this course use Flash movies to deliver questions and record your answers.  You MUST install v.8, or later, of the Flash Player for the Assessments to function properly.  Please go to to download the latest player.

Last Updated:  06/07/2010