Teaching Resources

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          Case Studies
–Spodoptera: Introduction to Spodoptera (lesson 1)
–Plum Pox Virus: Is Preparedness Possible Before a Disease Strikes? (lesson 3)
–Soybean Rust (lesson 5)
–Spodoptera: Mitigating a Spodoptera Outbreak (lesson 6)

          Checklists & Map Templates
(in Word format)
–Emergency Phone List–324 kb
–Emergency Procedures form–312 kb
–Information on Building Construction–54 kb
–Information on Building Contents–177 kb
–Map Template for fields orchards vineyards–188 kb
–Map Template for Operation–189 kb
–Mitigation form–201 kb
–Producers Preparedness Plan–158 kb (PDF)
–Risk Assessment Checklist–270 kb

       Lesson 1
–Intro to Ag terrorism.ppt–6.0 MB
–Karnal Bunt Case Study.ppt–0.7 MB
–Learning from Past Epidemics.ppt–3.1 MB

       Lesson 2
–Four Phases.ppt–0.4 MB
–Producer Roles.ppt–1.0 MB
–USDA Producer Poster
     (in PDF format)

       Lesson 3
–Preparedness review.ppt–0.2 MB
–Producer Risk Assessment.ppt–4.8 MB

       Lesson 4
–Lesson 4 NPDN.ppt–1.2 MB
–Response review.ppt–0.2 MB

       Lesson 5
–Emergency Programs Manual–866 kb
–GPS/GIS Plant Biosecurity–10.2 MB
–Recovery review.ppt–0.2 MB

       Lesson 6
–Mitigation review.ppt–0.2 MB

Government News and Pest Alerts

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Press Releases
This link will take you to APHIS press releases dating back to 1995. You may also sign up to receive APHIS press releases by e-mail.

Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) Plant and Plant Products Web Page
On this CSREES Web page, you may scroll down to find several news releases related to plants. You may also elect to click on “newsroom” in the blue bar at the top of the page for other news items from CSREES.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) News Media
Although this page is designed for members of the media, it provides solid information on hazards and disasters as well as facts about FEMA. In the left column you will find a direct link to FEMA press releases. The FEMA archive dates to 1994.

National Plant  Diagnostic Network (NPDN) “In the News”
The National Plant Diagnostic Network provides links to news articles from a variety of sources.

  • The National Pest Diagnostic Network (NPDN)’s
    First Detector Training and Certification Course

    If you are seeking a bit more technical training on plant biosecurity issues, you may wish to participate in The National Pest Diagnostic Network’s certification course for first detectors. The course goals are to:

    • Raise awareness of national plant biosecurity issues.

    • Provide information on specific high risk pests and pathogens.

    • Increase proficiency in the detection and identification of new pests and pathogens.

    • Provide instruction on proper sampling and response protocols when a suspect sample is encountered.

Those who receive at least two hours of training and complete the three core NPDN First Detector training modules will receive an NPDN First Detector Certificate and will be registered with NPDN as a First Detector.

Could you be a First Detector? A potential first detector is anyone in a position to notice an unusual outbreak, a pest of concern, or symptoms of a pest of concern. The NPDN course is appropriate for pesticide applicators, commercial seed representatives, crop consultants, Cooperative Extension personnel, certified crop advisors, Master Gardeners, pest control advisors, NRCS staff, growers, county ag commissioner staff, agricultural inspectors, and others involved in plant growth or management.

Training materials are available at: http://spdn.ifas.ufl.edu/instructional_materials.htm.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Newsroom
The USDA newsroom has a search function, or you can select a topic. In addition to news releases, this site also provides links to reports, radio and TV broadcasts and publications. The archive dates to 2001.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Press Room
This site offers links to press releases, testimony, speeches, and legislation related to homeland security.

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