Case Study and Lesson Synthesis - Lesson 5

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Case Study Instructions:
These case study materials on soybean rust will help you prepare for the knowledge assessment by requiring you to synthesize and apply what you have learned from the readings in Lesson 2, 3, 4, and 5. This case study problem is divided into two steps. Read each step and click on the hyperlinks to open up the case study materials. Although not considered dangerous to humans or animals, soybean rust is a fungal disease that causes premature defoliation, hence fewer pods, lighter seeds, and poor seed quality. In mid-2010, soybean rust had already been found in eight (8) counties in the continental United States.

Case Study
► Read this brief introduction to soybean rust

► Read where soybean rust has already spread

► Read this brief article about tracking soybean rust
Tracking SBR Using Spatial Technology

► View this map of the United States and Mexico to see where soybean rust has already been identified

► Read about the APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine Factsheet on soybean rust

► Read Soybean Rust: Is the U.S. Soybean Crop At Risk?

Case Study Step Two:

► Apply what you have learned from Lessons 2, 3, 4, and 5 and from the above readings to generate answers to the questions on the Lesson 5 Case Study Worksheet.

Using these case study materials to teach others:

Determine how you could use the materials on soybean rust to teach producers about the importance of plant biosecurity management. Some questions you may pose to producers include: Why is it difficult to control the disease? What plant biosecurity management response(s) has (have) been successful in other countries? Why are quarantine and eradication efforts (in the United States) not practical at this point in time? Why is communication so imperative between agricultural officials and growers? What significance does this plant disease hold for national homeland security efforts?

Note: Additional case study materials for your educational efforts include

Soybean Rust

Qs and As from the USDA Risk Management Agency About Soybean Rust
(including questions on good farming practices and preventative measures)

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Last Updated:  06/24/2010