Case Study and Lesson Synthesis - Lesson 1

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These case study materials will help you prepare for the knowledge assessment by encouraging you to synthesize and apply what you have learned from the readings in this lesson. After you have read the case materials on Spodoptera, you should be able to address the synthesis questions without difficulty, based upon what you have learned from this lesson. Spodoptera is a crop pest that that has devastated many crops in Africa and South American and that is a serious bioterrorism threat to crops in the United States.

Case Study Step One:

► Read the presentation, Introduction to Spodoptera Case Study
Spodoptera case study

Case Study Step Two:

► Read the entire fact sheet, New Pest Response Guidelines on Spodoptera (file size 6.88 mb)

► Study European/Mediterranean fact sheet on Spodoptera

Case Study Step Three:

Open this document and determine if you are able to answer the synthesis questions:
Lesson One Case Study Application

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Last Updated:  09/02/2009