My Certificate Page Will Not Display Properly

If you are unable to get your browser to display the Completion Certificate page correctly, one or both of the following problems may be the cause.

1) Pop-up stoppers: Sometimes Norton, the Google toolbar, and some third-party pop-up blocking software such as "PopUp Stopper" can prevent the EDEN server from correctly creating your Certificate.  You must disable these pop-up blockers before viewing and printing the certificate.


2) I.E. security settings too high:  From the main menu of Internet Explorer, go to; tools>internet options and click on the privacy tab.  If the "Settings" slider is set to High or Block all cookies, your certificate page may not display properly.  Set this slider to Medium High or lower.
button:  In this same section click the Advanced button and de-select the automatic cookie handling check box.  Click OK, and OK.  You may need to close and restart your browser.


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Last Updated:  09/02/2009