Downloading Course Files Takes Too Long

The time it takes each PDF document to download will depend on the size of the document, your connection speed, and your computerís speed and memory. If you are using a modem to participate in the course and open documents, your download time might take several minutes. Please be patient, as the full document will eventually be made available to your computer.

What are your other options?

  • If you live close to a public library or college campus, you may consider going to that location to gain faster Internet access.

  • If digital cable (broadband) is available in your area, you may consider subscribing to that service.

  • Your third option is to request a CD-ROM version of the plant biosecurity course from your EDEN Point of Contact (state representative). If you do not know how to reach your EDEN representative, click on this hyperlink POCs/default.aspx
    to go to the EDEN member directory. Click on any name listed for your state and a new box will open with the email address for your state Point of Contact. Click on the Point of Contact email address and send a note to that person, requesting a copy of the course on a CD-ROM.

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Last Updated:  09/02/2009