How to Begin

1—Get Software:
If you don't already have them on your computer, you will need to download and install the current versions of 
Adobe Reader, v.7, and
Flash Player, v.8 software.

Once you complete step 1 above, you may login and register for the course.  That can be accomplished by clicking on the green Registration button in the title frame at the top of this Web page.  A new page will open up asking for your first and last names, your valid email address, and your state of residence.

3—Begin Lessons:
Upon submission of that form you will have an ID in the course, allowing you to begin with the Lesson 1 material.  Click on the green Lessons button above in order to get started.

4—Take Assessments:
Once you finish with the material in the first lesson, you should be prepared to the take the first of the six Assessments.
NOTE: You MUST install v.8, or later, of the Flash Player for the Assessments to function properly

When you are ready to do so, click the green Assessments button at the top.  This will bring up links (within this frame) to the six assessments in the course.  Select the button number that corresponds with the lesson you just completed.

Progress through the course material is sequential, and requires registration.  In order to proceed to subsequent lessons, you will need to score 80% or better on each of the assessments.  You may view the Syllabus (grouped with the Lessons) at any time without registering.

5—Leaving & Returning to the Course:
If you leave and return to the course at a later time, you will be required to login again.  Just click the green Registration button and enter your email address *only* in order to get back to the course.  The Web site will "remember" you and how far you've progressed in the course.

For technical assistance with course components or features that don't seem to be working, please contact

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Last Updated:  09/02/2009