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Hay Moisture/Temperature Fire Hazard Warning 

Recently, there has been at least one incident of hay bales catching on fire as well as multiple farmer questions regarding high temperature hay.  

During hay making, the hay bales will heat up for a period of time before cooling again.  When hay is baled at recommended moisture percentages the risk of fire is nil; however, hay with high moisture percentages is at high risk for spontaneous combustion. 

MU Guide 4575 does a very good job explaining the relationship between high moisture hay and temperature.   

County Extension Offices have hay thermometers to loan please urge farmers to check hay temperatures before storing in barns.  If hay temperature is found to be at risk of fire, they should be stored away from structures, spaced to allow air flow on all sides of the bale, and monitored daily (for fire) until the temperature decreases.

Sarah Kenyon Field Specialist in Agronomy, Ph.D.

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May 8, 2019



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