University of Missouri Extension's 4-H educational program empowers young people to reach their full potential while working and learing in partnership with caring adults. As one of the nation's largest youth organizations, 4-H reaches youths, ages 8 to 18, in rural, urban and suburban settings, helping them become competent, capable, caring and contributing members of society.

Y630, 4-H member enrollment forms (PDF)

Y636, Missouri 4-H Volunteer Application Form (PDF)

Y640, Youth Health Form (PDF)

Y620,-4-H project record (PDF)

Y676,-4-H club meeting report (Reporter) (PDF)

Y1440, Missouri 4-H project horse enrollment (PDF)

Y7405, 4-H Shooting Sports project record (PDF)

Recognition forms

Y-2000-Missouri 4-H Recognition Worksheet (PDF)

Level 1, (Ages 8-10)(PDF)

Y-2100-Missouri 4-H Recognition Worksheet (PDF)

Level 2, (Age 11-13) (PDF)

Y-2200-Missouri 4-H Recognition Worksheet (PDF)

Level 3, (Age 14-18) (PDF)

Y-2300-Missouri 4-H Key Award (PDF)


Missouri 4-H Foundation Scholarship applications (PDF)

4-H Volunteer Orientation

Show Me Quality Assurance Youth Training and Education

Ownership of animals

For the Missouri State Fair, the dates listed are the deadline dates for purchasing your animals, according to the 4-H Clover.

  • Beef cattle Steer: March 1; Breeding animals: June 1
  • Sheep — Breeding animals: July 1; Market lambs: June 1
  • Swine — Breeding animals: 90 days; Breeding boars: Since farrowing; Market hogs: 90 days
  • Dairy cattle All dairy cattle: June 1
  • Dairy goats June 1
  • Meat goats June 1
  • Dogs April 1
  • Horses May 1
  • Rabbits June 1
  • Poultry — Meat pen: 5-10 weeks prior to show; Roasters: 8-10 weeks prior to show; Broilers: 6-8 weeks prior to show; Fryers: 5-10 weeks prior to show