Community Arts Program

Stories at the core: Creating heritage tourism initiatives

Learn how to incorporate stories and storytelling in your cultural heritage tourism project.

DATE: April 22, 2016
TIME: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
LOCATION: The LEX Civic Auditorium, Lexington, MO
COST: $25 per person

Join us for an all-day educational and technical training event to learn the step-by-step process for creating a cultural heritage tourism project. Visit the event site for more information and to register.

DATE: May 5, 2016
TIME: 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.
LOCATION: Missouri History Museum,
St. Louis, MO
COST: No cost, but RSVP suggested.

Join us for this 90-minute panel discussion to learn the best practices and guidelines for developing and producing audio cultural heritage tourism projects and listen to Missouri stories told by professional tellers. Visit the event site more information.

The MU Extension Community Arts Program is a three-way partnership between MU Extension, the University of Missouri and Missouri communities to promote and foster community and economic development through the arts.

Across the United States, rural communities are discovering creative and innovative ways to use the arts to help reshape and bolster their social, physical and economic well-being. The arts can play a crucial and valuable role in local community and economic development efforts.

This initiative began in January 2012 with six central Missouri communities actively engaged during the first year in Creativity and Community Engagement Workshops with MU Arts faculty and MU Extension faculty — exploring and planning for using the arts as a strategy to enhance community building, spark innovation and create new economic opportunity. The City of Lexington was awarded the first pilot project community in January 2013. For more information on the MU Extension Community Arts Pilot Project in Lexington, visit Lexington chosen for MU Extension Community Arts Project.

St. Louis Storytelling Festival

May 4 through May 7, 2016

The MU Extension Community Arts Program partners with the St. Louis Storytelling Festival to bring culturally diverse storytellers to Missouri. The three-day festival will feature six national and more than 25 regional storytellers in a variety of events that are all free and open to the public. For more information, visit the St. Louis Storytelling Festival website.

The Arts as a Portal to Science

July 24 through July 28, 2016

Come to Mizzou this summer and experience an atmosphere that promotes creativity, imagination and innovation! Experience a science lab and work beside world famous scientists where their recent discoveries will be revealed. Experience an art studio and explore the arts as a way to understand and communicate the complexity of science. For more information on this camp for high school students ages 15 to 18, visit the Arts as a Portal to Science event website.


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