Jefferson City Jaycees' Cole County Fair

What Is the Real Purpose of Youth Livestock Projects? (PDF)

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2018 Fair


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Entries & PAYMENT due:
June 29, 2018 at 4:30pm!



All Cole County 4-H and FFA exhibitors are REQUIRED to attend a work day (or coordinate with a Fair Superintendent) to be eligible for payment from fair. 
Please sign-up for a work day ahead of time. Limited time slots available. Report to the 4-H Food Stand for work assignments and to sign in. Work Days are scheduled as follows:

  • July 7 - 8am to 11:30am
  • July 14 - 8am to Noon
  • July 21 - 8am to Noon
  • Aug 3 - 8:30am to Noon
  • Aug 5 - 11am to 1pm

Important: Cole County 4-H/FFA Fair FAQ's  

Thank You to the 2017 Buyers
Potential 2018 Sellers (available July 20, 2018)

Missouri Department of Agriculture Animal Health Requirements for Exhibition (PDF)
General Animal Rules (PDF)

How to use the website:
* Scroll to the event on the schedule
* Click the link to the show/event

* Read the rules for your show/event
* Links to other pertinent documents can be found within the show rules
* Link to the online entry system can be found within the show

A free Acrobat-compatible PDF Reader is required to view PDF documents.



SHOW-ME WARES - Opportunity to have a booth at the fair and showcase your products and/or services.  
Informational Document
Sign-up for Booth Time Slot

Royalty Contest
* July 15: 2:00pm Candidate Personal Interviews, Cole County Extension Center
       Sign-up for Interview Time

* July 21: 4:30pm Stage Interviews, Cole County Extension Center (in conjunction with Fashion Revue)
* July 30: 5:30pm Coronation Dress Rehearsal, Barn #2, Jefferson City Jaycees Fairgrounds

4-H Shooting Sports Match (3-D Archery Events Rescheduled for Sunday, July 29)
          (Taos Countryside Park)

SUNDAY, July 15
2:00pm   Royalty Candidate Personal Interviews, Cole County Extension Center
       Sign-up for Interview Time

Cole County 4-H Shooting Sports Match
        (United Sportsmen’s Club)
        Check-in at Archery Pavillion 30 minutes prior to each event
        General Shooting Sports Match Rules

        Sign-up for Time Slot
        General Archery Rules
        Shooting Sports Authorization Form
  7:00am   Archery-NFAA
  7:30am   BB, Air Rifle, Smallbore Rifle
  7:30am   Muzzleloading
  8:00am   Shotgun
  9:30am   Air Pistol
Smallbore Pistol
  2:00pm   Awards Ceremony (Archery Pavilion) – 
                   Approx. time

Fashion Revue & Fashion Fun Contest
        (Cole County Extension Office)
  2:30pm   Judging (scheduled)
                   Sign-up for Interview Time

                 Fashion Revue Narratives 
                    Fashion Fun Contest Narratives

  4:00pm   Fashion Fun Contest check-in
  4:30pm   Style Show

        (Cole County Extension Office)
  4:00pm   Check-in
  4:30pm    Stage Interviews(in conjunction with Fashion Revue)

SUNDAY, July 22
Horse Show
    12:00pm   Check-in
      1:00pm   Horse Show – 
                            Horse Show Bill Only
Horse Show Patterns

  8:00am   Conference Judges Meeting (Exhibit Building)
  9:30am   Exhibit Building (not open prior to 9:30am)
                    Items Entered
(until 11:30am)
                    * 4-H & FFA Exhibits
                    * 4-H & FFA Specialty Cake Contest
                    * 4-H & FFA Bacon Show (Scorecard)
Ham Show (Scorecard)
                    * Open Photography Show
                    * Absentee Judging Form

SUNDAY, July 29
Rescheduled: 4-H Shooting Sports Match (Archery Events)
          (Taos Countryside Park)
General Shooting Sports Match Rules
       General Archery Rules
       Sign-up for Time Slot
       Shooting Sports Authorization Form
  8:30am   3-D Archery Registration
  9:00am   3-D Archery Event

12:45pm  Check-in for Public Speaking Contest
  1:00pm  Public Speaking Contest 
(Youth Only) 
                    (Cole County Extension Office)

MONDAY, July 30
 10:00am   Market Beef, Breeding Beef in Place
 11:00am   Market Beef Weigh-In
  2:00pm   Breeding Beef Check-in
  2:30pm   Market Rabbits & Poultry in Place/Weigh-in
  3:00pm   Market Rabbit & Market Poultry Shows
(Youth Only)
  5:30pm   Royalty check-in & Coronation Dress Rehearsal, Barn #2, Jefferson City Jaycees Fairgrounds
Royalty Coronation, Barn #2, Jefferson City Jaycees Fairgrounds
  6:30pm   Market Beef Show (Youth Only)

TUESDAY, July 31
  7:00am   Bucket Calves, Market Hogs, Goats & Sheep in Place
  8:00am   Market Hog Weigh-in – Goats & Sheep immediately following
  8:00am   Bucket Calf Check-in

  9:30am   Bucket Calf Show (Youth Only) 
  9:45am   Breeding Beef Show (Youth and Open) (approximate time)
  5:00pm   Market Goat Show (Youth Only)
  5:30pm   Market Sheep Show (Youth Only)
  6:00pm   Market Swine Show (Youth Only)

  9:30am   Livestock Judging Contest Check-in
10:00am   Livestock Judging Contest/Clinic
  6:00pm   Market Livestock Auction & Rules
                       Buyer Contact Form
                       Additional Buyer Add-ons form (PDF)
                       Potential 2018 Sellers

                       2018 Sale Bill
                       Preliminary Livestock Auction Results

THURSDAY, August 2
  8:00am   Breeding Swine in place
  8:30am   Clover Kids Small Animals, Dogs, 
                    Pee Wee Animals, Dairy Goats, Breeding Goats, 
                    Breeding Sheep in Place
  9:00am    Making Memories at the Fair, AgriLand
  9:00am    Clover Kids Small Animal Show
  9:30am    Fun Dog Show
(Open) (approximate time)
10:00am    Pee Wee Livestock Show (Youth Only) (approximate time) 
  1:00pm    Dairy Goat Show  (Youth & Open)
                  followed by Breeding Goat Show (Youth & Open)
                  followed by Breeding Sheep Show (Youth & Open)
  6:00pm    Breeding Swine Show (Youth and Open)

FRIDAY, August 3
  7:00am   Ham & Bacon Auction/Breakfast
                        (Farm Bureau - 701 S. Country Club Drive)
                        Buyer Contact Form
                        Additional Buyer Add-ons form (PDF)
Potential 2018 Sellers
                        Ham & Bacon Auction/Breakfast Sale Bill (PDF)
                        Preliminary Ham & Bacon Auction Results

  9:00am   Building Exhibits Released (until 11:00am)
  4:30pm   Breeding Poultry & Rabbits Check-in
5:00pm   Breeding Rabbit Show (Youth Only)
  6:00pm   Breeding Poultry Show (Youth Only)

SATURDAY, August 4
Dog Show (New location: Fairgrounds, middle barn)
  5:00pm  Check-In
  5:30pm  Dog Show
(Youth & Adult)



Photo Authorization

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