Jefferson City Jaycees' Cole County Fair

What Is the Real Purpose of Youth Livestock Projects? (PDF)

2016 Fair

Entries due:
June 30, 2016 at 4:30pm!



Important: Cole County 4-H/FFA Fair FAQ's  updated 6/2/16


Opportunity to have a booth at the fair and showcase your products and/or services.  
Informational Document
Sign-up for Booth Time Slot


Thank You to the 2015 Buyers
Potential 2016 Sellers

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Missouri Department of Agriculture Animal Health Requirements for Exhibition (PDF)
General Animal Rules (PDF)


FRIDAY, June 10

  3:00pm   Royalty Candidate Interviews, Cole County Extension Center
       Sign-up for Interview Time
       Application Deadline extended to June 8, 2016


  6:00pm   Royalty Candidates in Place
  7:00pm   Royalty Stage Interview and Coronation, Eugene High School 


4-H Shooting Sports Match (Archery Events)
          (Taos Countryside Park)
General Shooting Sports Match Rules
       General Archery Rules
       Sign-up for Time Slot
       Shooting Sports Entry Form
  8:30am   3-D Archery Registration
  9:00am   3-D Archery Event
 10:30am   Modified American 600 Registration (approximate time) 
 11:00am   Modified American 600 Event

FRIDAY, July 15

Fashion Revue & Fashion Fun Contest
        (Cole County Extension Office)
  6:00pm   Judging (scheduled)
                   Sign-up for Interview Time

  6:45pm   Fashion Fun Contest check-in
  7:00pm   Style Show


Cole County 4-H Shooting Sports Match
        (United Sportsmen’s Club)
        Check-in at Archery Pavillion 30 minutes prior to each event
        General Shooting Sports Match Rules

        Sign-up for Time Slot
        General Archery Rules
       Shooting Sports Entry Form
  7:00am   Archery-NFAA
  7:30am   BB, Air Rifle, Smallbore Rifle
  8:45am   Air Pistol
  9:00am   Shotgun

10:00am   Smallbore Pistol
11:15am   Muzzleloading
  2:00pm   Awards Ceremony (Archery Pavilion) – 
                   Approx. time

Match Results

SUNDAY, July 17

12:00pm   Check-in for Horse Show
  1:00pm   Horse Show – Markway Arena, Eugene, MO
(Youth Only)
                            Horse Show Bill Only
                            Horse Show Patterns


  8:00am   Conference Judges Meeting (Exhibit Building)
  9:00am   Exhibit Building (not open prior to 9:00am)
                    Items Entered
(until 11:00am)
                    * 4-H & FFA
                    * 4-H & FFA Specialty Cake Contest
                    * 4-H & FFA Bacon Show (Scorecard)
Open Photography Show
 Open Ham Show (Scorecard)
                    * Absentee Judging Form

SUNDAY, July 24

  1:45pm  Check-in for Public Speaking Contest
  2:00pm  Public Speaking Contest 
(Youth Only) 
                    (Cole County Extension Office)

MONDAY, July 25

 10:00am   Market Beef, Breeding Beef in Place
 11:00am   Market Beef Weigh-In
  2:00pm   Breeding Beef Check-in
  4:30pm   Market Rabbits & Poultry in Place/Weigh-in
  5:30pm   Market Rabbit & Market Poultry Shows
(Youth Only)
  6:30pm   Market Beef Show (Youth Only) – 
Following Market Rabbit & Poultry Shows

TUESDAY, July 26

  7:00am   Market Hogs, Goats & Sheep, Bucket Calves in Place
  8:00am   Market Hog Weigh-in – Goats immediately following
  8:00am   Bucket Calf Check-in
  9:30am   Breeding Beef Show
(Youth and Open)
12:00pm   Bucket Calf Show (Youth Only) (approximate time)
  5:00pm   Market Goat Show (Youth Only)
  5:30pm   Market Lamb Show (Youth Only)
  6:00pm   Market Hog Show (Youth Only)


  9:30am   Livestock Judging Contest Check-in
10:00am   Livestock Judging Contest/Clinic
  6:00pm   Market Livestock Auction & Rules
                       Buyer Contact Form
                       Additional Buyer Add-ons form (PDF)
                       Potential 2015 Sellers

                       2016 Sale Bill


  8:00am   Breeding Swine in place
  8:30am   Clover Kids Small Animals, Dogs, 
                    Pee Wee Animals, Breeding Goats, Breeding 
                    Sheep in Place
  9:00am    Making Memories at the Fair, AgriLand
  9:00am    Clover Kids Small Animal Show
  9:30am    Fun Dog Show
(Open) (approximate time)
10:00am    Pee Wee Livestock Show (Youth Only) (approximate time) 
10:00am    Robot Challenge Registration
11:00am    Robot Challenge
  1:00pm    Breeding Goat, Breeding Swine, Breeding Sheep Check-In
  6:00pm    Breeding Swine Show
(Youth and Open), 
                    followed by Breeding Goat Show (Youth & Open), 
                    followed by Breeding Sheep Show (Youth & Open)

FRIDAY, July 29

  7:00am   Ham & Bacon Auction/Breakfast
                        (Farm Bureau - 701 S. Country Club Drive)
                        Buyer Contact Form
                        Additional Buyer Add-ons form (PDF)
Potential 2015 Sellers
                        Ham & Bacon Auction/Breakfast Sale Bill (PDF)
  4:30pm   Breeding Poultry & Rabbits in Place
  5:30pm   Breeding Poultry Show
(Youth Only)
  5:30pm   Breeding Rabbit Show (Youth Only)


Dog Show (MidMO Dog Training, Tebbetts, MO)
  8:00am  Check-In
  9:00am  Dog Show
(Youth & Adult)

SUNDAY, July 31

 11:00am   Building Exhibits Released (until 1:00pm)


Online Fair Entry system