Countywide projects

Project Leader Directory -- we are officially up and running! Check it out to see which projects have leaders and contact information to reach out about schedules/plans. Looking for dates/events? Check out our Clay County 4-H Calendar here!

Looking for a project that focus on both Health and Fitness? This curriculum could be used as a County Wide Project or as a Club Program for the year. Check it out here! Email the office for First Aid activities that can be checked out from here for you to use as well. 

Looking for other Project Curriculum to help? Check this out! Keep in mind this document could change as our resources update their own websites, but it's a start :)

Urban Region Jr Leaders - NOW LISTED AS A SPIN CLUB

The Jr Leaders group is for any 4-Her's (Community Club, Youth Futures, School Program etc) that is between the ages of 13-18 years old. The purpose of this project is to teach youth the importance of understanding themselves as leaders and how to apply leadership skills in a team setting as well as assist them in identifying opportunities to practice their leadership skills. Beyond leadership and service, Jr Leaders also provides a social network for 4-H teens in the Urban Region. 

For more information: Jr Leaders Brochure

Contact: Sarah Morefield, 4-H Youth Development Specialist, 816-407-3490, 

Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports is a unique 4-H project in that there are social issues and concerns with the Shooting Sports project that other projects do not deal with. Because of this uniqueness, Missouri 4-H has developed some special guidelines and policies for the Shooting  Sports projects.

Contact: County Shooting Sports Coordinator, Laura Zimmer, 816-628-6678,

Web page:

State Shooting Sports project information


The county level horsemanship project has several leaders working with members from all clubs who are in horsemanship if they want to participate in the county level of project work.  Horsemanship project members have special requirements and guidelines that other projects do not have. 

Contact: Stephanie and Dustin Henley - 816.588.4687.


Our County wide robotics is limited to the number of sets we have access to. Be sure to enroll right away to get your spot. We are working as a county on finding ways to borrow more sets in order to expand the group. 


Contact: Stephanie Rehrer, Heather Jones or Bryan Long at or 


Contact: MJ Loar at 

Vet Science 

Dr. Leighr will continue to lead this project for us sharing his vast knowledge and expertise! 

Contact: Jamie Roberts at 


Contact: Nancy Mense at

Computer Programming 

Currently seeking a new leader - stay tuned!


Contact: Jan Cunningham at First meeting is January 6th! Monthly meetings will follow. 

SPIN Clubs

Weaving Dates have changed -- STAY TUNED FOR NEW DATES



Food and Fitness Dates have changed - STAY TUNED FOR NEW DATES!


Other SPIN Club Opportunities: 

- Hiking Club

- Dairy Food Ice Cream Club

- Forestry, Geology, Entomology all in one: Outdoors SPIN