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Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports is a unique 4-H project in that there are social issues and concerns with the Shooting Sports project that other projects do not deal with. Because of this uniqueness, Missouri 4-H has developed some special guidelines and policies for the Shooting  Sports projects.

Contact: County Shooting Sports Coordinator, Laura Zimmer, 816-628-6678,

Web page:

State Shooting Sports project information


The county level horsemanship project has several leaders working with members from all clubs who are in horsemanship if they want to participate in the county level of project work.  Horsemanship project members have special requirements and guidelines that other projects do not have. 

Contact: Stephanie and Dustine Henley - 816.588.4687.

Information about the Horse Project can be seen at the Kearney Klovers website. Web page: