Focus On Kids

Focus On Kids is a workshop to help parents learn how to nurture and support their children through the divorce process and to help parents who are living apart develop ways to work together effectively as co-parents. Focus On Kids satisfies Missouri's educational requirement for parents who are divorcing or filing a motion to modify. It is conducted in cooperation with Missouri’s circuit courts. You may attend Focus On Kids in any county within the First Circuit, but you must register in the county where your divorce or modification is pending.

If you are ordered to attend by an alternate agency, please contact the circuit clerk.

2017 Focus On Kids Class Schedule (PDF)


Participants must register and submit the $35 fee before the start of class. Registration must be completed by the Friday before the scheduled class. Do not show up to register the day of the class and plan to attend. To register, contact Kim Schantz, First Circuit clerk, 660-727-3292.

In the event of inclement weather, call the circuit clerk’s office at 660-727-3292 or Clark County Extension Center at 660-727-3339 to confirm that the class will be held.

Important information

Childcare is not provided. Please do not bring your children to the program.

This program is for parents only.


Sherry F. Nelson
Human Development Specialist