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Beef Cattle Redbooks Available from MU Extension

Please call our office 417-581-3558 or one of the offices listed below if you are interested in purchasing a copy.
The popular, pocket-sized record book for beef cattle owners is now available at many University of Missouri Extension Centers.
The book dates back to the mid-1980's and was a product of the Idaho Integrated Reproductive Management (IRM) program. The National Cattlemen's Beef Association was involved in the early book development.
Missouri began promoting the use of the books a couple years later. The Missouri plan was to retrieve production data from the books in an attempt to build a profile of the strengths and weaknesses of the state's cow-calf enterprise.
The book is best used for recording field information in the calving pasture, at the head chute or the scale. Later, that data can be transferred to a computer program or a loose-leaf notebook.
The book sells for $6 and the supply is limited. Sponsors of the book are University of Missouri Extension and the Missouri Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifers Inc.
For more information, contact any of the MU Extension livestock specialists in southwest Missouri: Eldon Cole in Lawrence County, 417-466-3102; Andy McCorkill in Dallas County at 417-345-7551; Dr. Randy Wiedmeier, in Douglas County at 417-679-3525; or Dr. Patrick Davis in Cedar County at 417- 276-3313. 

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