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The Poverty At Issue Newsletter is for individuals concerned about poverty in Missouri. 

Benefits for Families
The "Benefits for Families" web page is a collection of links to other sites about benefits and programs available in Missouri to help families meet their basic needs. This site is targeted to social service providers and community leaders working with low income families. 

Earned Income Credit fact sheet

Poverty in Missouri Quiz

Poverty at Issue Program Tools

Building Strong Families
The Building Strong Families: Challenges and Choices program helps families build strengths, face challenges, and make choices. The program covers 13 topics and uses hands-on activities to involve participants. Building Strong Families is based on research showing family members can make significant changes in their behavior by focusing on strengths rather than on problems.

Family Community Resource Program
FCRP provides community-based programs for low-income children, youth and families in Missouri. Funding for FCRP comes from USDA's Children, Youth and Families at Risk Initiative.

Consumer and Family Economics Extension
Money Matters provides consumers with unbiased information and referrals related to all areas of family and personal finance. It also contains tools to help consumers make better decisions and manage their resources more effectively.

Youth and Money (Powerpoint Presentation for downloading 63KB) Update presented to 4-H faculty and staff. Includes research update and program resources.

Family Economics and Management Guides


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