What Do You Know About Poverty in Missouri?

9. Based on a three year average (2009 to 2011), where does Missouri's poverty rate rank in comparison with poverty rates in other states?

c. Incorrect

Missouri ranked 18th with a poverty rate of 15.3 percent on a three year average (2009 to 2011). Only 16 states (and the District of Columbia) had higher poverty rates than Missouri, and 33 states had lower poverty rates than Missouri. New Hampshire had the lowest rate at 7.3 percent whereas Mississippi had the highest rate at 21 percent.

Source: U. S. Census Bureau. (2012). Comparison of poverty rates between states using three-year averages: 2009-2011. Retrieved from http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/poverty/data/incpovhlth/2011/tables.html.