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Using Time Effectively

Time is a unique resource, everyone is given 24 hours each day. How you invest that time is a major factor in how you feel about your life.

Think of time as one of the tools you have available to reach your goals. As with many tools, if you want to use time effectively it may require some training, or retraining , determination and practice. Even though the term "time management" is used a great deal there really is no such thing. Using time effectively is actually a matter of your own personal management.

Time goes by at the same rate - you can’t speed it up or slow it down. Unlike the other resources that you manage, there is no way to control time. The best you can do is to take charge of yourself in the framework of time investing yourself in those things that matter most in your life.

Source: Bozworth, C. (1998, November). Univ. Ext. Person to Person, 4.

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