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Would you like to reduce stress, enjoy yourself more and stop feeling like life is passing you by? Forget being more efficient. A shift in attitude will get you a whole lot more. It’s not easy to slice half an hour out of a busy schedule. But even 15 minutes free of interruptions can shift your sense of time for the rest of the day.

The transition from work to home is a good time to do it since a lot us tend to carry our fevered office pace into the evening. Any of the routine tasks of life – feeding the cat, taking a shower – can be an opportunity to shift into a more gentle pace. Even in a child-centered household you can legislate regular time-outs for yourself. Simply retreat to your room after announcing you are off duty for a little while. Tell them you’re available but teach them to respect your privacy.

Resource: "A Cure for Timesickness," Ann Japenga, Health, January/February 1999, p. 94+.

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