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Are You Spending Too Much Dough?

Retailers have a special talent for helping others--spend more money, that is. And that light as air feeling you get isn’t always from knowing you snatched a great bargain. It could be that there’s nothing left in your pocket to weigh you down. Be aware of some of these retailing tricks of the trade:

The placement of candy or toys at perfect eye level with your child

Playing soothing music

Positioning necessities at the back of the store

Preboxing and wrapping

Being aware of these retailing tricks that entice you to buy can help you make wiser decisions, and keep your financial feet on the ground. Making small purchases here and there add up quickly. By being conscious of what you’re spending your money on, you can keep your money and lose the bills.

Resource: Family Money, Winter 1998/99, p. 19


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