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Job Negotiation

You’ve landed the job you’ve been hoping for, but what if it doesn’t deliver the money you’d hope for? According to Robin Pinkley, Ph.D., a salary negotiation researcher at So. Methodist Univ. in Dallas, women cheat themselves out of hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime because they do not try to negotiate up from the employer’s low ball offer. "Most job seekers think that the recruiter has all the power, actually it’s an equal playing field. An employer expects you to negotiate." Don’t ask about money during the interview. Then, if you get an offer and it seems inadequate, ask "What is that figure based on?" Perhaps it’s not in the company’s budget to pay more - or maybe they offer generous benefits instead. State how much you appreciate the offer and opportunity and why you’d be good at the job. Then name the salary you we’re hoping for and why you’re worth it. Remember if you’re turned down on your money request, it doesn’t mean the job offer will be taken away.                 

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