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Screening Cyberspace

While the Internet has been heralded as a marvelous technology that brings the world and information right to your computer screen, some parents are concerned about the content available to their children.

Be assured, if the parents don’t know what is on the net, their children do. Nationwide, it is estimated that more than 750,000 Americans under the age of 18 are regular users of the Internet - and the numbers are growing.

Becoming informed about using the Internet is a first step. A second step is to learn about the sites. Several companies offer filters that parents can use to restrict access. Some factors to consider when selecting a filter to screen cyberspace: price, frequency and cost of updates, ease of installation, technical assistance, blocking capabilities, ability to monitor and limit on-line time, passwords, and the ability to restrict searches by key words.

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Source: "Software Can Help Parents Screen the Internet," by Art Schneider, Human Development Specialist.

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