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Have you seen the recent claims about the "miracle" laundry balls? Claims include: large dollar savings over the lifetime of the ball; no fiber deterioration or color fading; non-polluting, biodegradable, softens hard water and is hypoallergenic. Their claims are based on "an ionization basis to increase the wetting ability of water. The increased penetration allows water to enter the fibers, which lifts out dirt particles and results in clean clothes."

Research indicates, however, the laundry balls clean only as well as plain water alone. It is recommended that using a good liquid or powdered laundry detergent, proper water temperature for the fiber type and amount of soiling, and a washing machine with proper agitation and rinsing action will produce the cleanest clothes.

Source: "Laundry Technology," 1st Source, Dec 97, p. 4, by R. Beth Burke, HES Specialist, and Sharon Stevens, Textile and Apparel Management State Specialist.

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