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Long Distance Calls - Which Plan for You? (part 2)

Most of us are probably paying more than we should for our long distance calls. "If you’re like me," says Jane Bryant Quinn, " you’ve got better things to do than to count up your long-distance minutes, calculate their day and night cost, then call six carriers to see which one would be the cheapest." There are some simple ways to lower your long-distance bills. Telecommunications Research & Action Council (TRAC) suggests:

1. Ask about the newest calling plan for international calls released in Aug.97 if you make a lot of them.

2. Bundle any fax and computer lines into the same calling plan. You might get a discount for volume use.

3. Look for a plan that bills in 6 second increments. If you talk for 3 minutes and 2 seconds you’ll be billed for 3 min. 6 sec. But on plans that bill by the minute - that’s a four minute call.

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