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Unordered Merchandise - Treat As a Gift

From the consumer mailbag,

Q: I recently sent off for a free pair of pantyhose. I was surprised when I received a package of four with a bill. What can I do to keep from getting unordered merchandise?"

ANS: Be especially cautious when participating in sweepstakes, or ordering goods advertised as "free", "trial" or "unusually low priced." Read all the fine print to determine if you're joining a club with purchasing obligations. If you are sent merchandise you didn't order you have the legal right to keep it as a free gift. You are under no legal obligation to write the company stating your intentions of keeping the item as a gift but it is an advisable precaution. Send the letter by certified mail, keep the receipt and a copy of the letter. This will help you establish you did not order the merchandise.

Talking Dollars Makes Sense - Feb. 94

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