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Holiday Mail Order Foods

Everyone loves getting packages in the mail. Whether you are giving or receiving mail order foods, there are some safety tips you need to keep in mind.

Check with the mail order company. If it is a perishable item like meat or poultry, how will the gift be packaged? When will the perishable item be delivered and will the package be labeled KEEP REFRIGERATED to alert the recipient?

Some mail order items are of an unusual nature and some consumers may not know how to handle or prepare them. Will the item come with instructions on storage and preparation?

Will it better to send the item to the workplace or the home address? Tell the recipient if the company has promised a delivery date.

If you receive a food item marked "keep refrigerated," open it immediately and check its temperature. Optimally, the food should arrive frozen or partially frozen. Refrigerate or freeze perishable items immediately.


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