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Joplin tornado recovery

Updated Oct. 10, 2011

Disaster assistance resources

A list of contact numbers for disaster victims, volunteers and those who want to make donations. SW Missouri Disaster Response and Recovery Contacts

Rebuild Joplin

Rebuild Joplin is a comprehensive resource for people affected by the storm and for those who wish to help.

Insurance company contacts

Contact information for the top 20 insurers in Joplin from the Missouri Department of Insurance.
Resources for Victims of Joplin Tornado on May 22 (MDI news release)
Home and auto insurers for Joplin (PDF)

Traffic control check points

Map of restricted-access areas and checkpoints. Restricted Emergency Area (PDF)

What to do now

Survivor Checklist Following a Disaster (PDF)

FEMA claims

How to Make a Claim to FEMA (PDF)
What a FEMA Determination Letter Means (PDF) Don't throw the letter away if you are denied assistance.

Temporary roof repairs

How-to-Install Self-Help Tarp (PDF) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Dealing with home damage from rain or flooding

Resources for Your Flooded Home (PDF) provides details on safety, clean up, disposal, mildew prevention and consumer protection.

Rebuild with life preservation in mind

This Storm Shelter Packet (PDF) links to FEMA resources on building a safe room in your home, and lists storm shelter and safe room manufacturers serving Missouri.

Dealing with insulation debris in pastures and hay fields

This Insulation Debris (PDF) covers steps to take to reduce risks to livestock from building insulation scattered by storms across pastures and hay fields.