Tourism and Community Economic Development

Capitalizing on Your Community’s Heritage: Tourism for Local Economic Development

Each community has its own unique set of attributes that  give the community its special character and can be a source of economic growth for the community.   These unique assets can include cultural, historic and natural resources as well as artisans and craftsmen, local restaurants, lodging, wineries and retail establishments.  University of Missouri Extension, through its tourism development and support programming, works in partnership with communities to help identify and promote your community’s tourism assets.    Skilled professionals can work one on one with your community to assess its attributes and help development a plan to preserve and promote tourism.  Workshops and seminars on a variety of topics are also available.  

A variety of helpful free resources, including assessment tools, can be found HERE.

For more information on Extension’s Tourism Programming, please contact:

Connie Mefford meffordc@missouri.edu
Larry Dickerson dickersonl@missouri.edu