Saving lives and recovering from disaster

photo: Herculaneum Fire District

Missouri is ranked the eighth most disaster-prone state in the United States.

Through the Community Emergency Management Program, we assisted in recovery from 2011 flooding; tornadoes in Joplin, Sedalia, St. Louis and Branson; and drought — focusing assistance to long-term recovery committees and contributing to revival of resilient families, businesses, farms and communities.

Communities’ disaster recovery periods have been shortened. Lives, jobs and countless dollars in emergency recovery operations have been saved. And the whole community builds a greater sense of cohesion.

In follow-up evaluation with severely affected communities, long-term recovery committees credited extension for its work in providing educational resources and supporting long-term recovery efforts.

MU Extension plays a key role in the Governor’s Disaster Recovery Partnership. We have directly supported communities and the state in planning and recovery from severe storms for more than 20 presidential disaster declarations in the last seven years. We contribute to Local Emergency Planning Committees, Community Organizations Active in Disasters, Citizen Corps programs and Long-term Recovery Committees.

We have expanded the use of social media for collaborative recovery and education and developed the how-to guide for community use of social media in disaster recovery.