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Adult Learning
This training module is designed to help you improve your overall training, and explore different learning styles and techniques for training poll workers while confronting barriers and realities that exist in achieving your training goals. This section is tailored specifically for the benefit of election officials and those involved in training poll workers. The challenge of exploring new and innovative training styles will be seen throughout the whole training day, participants will be involved in a very interactive and fun training environment.

The Poll Worker Training consists of the following modules to be delivered to poll workers. Trainers will demonstrate options for delivering each module while teaching you content material that may be new to you.

Voter Customer Service, Civil Rights and Diversity
Learn new ways of handling these issues in your own poll worker training. You will also have the opportunity to discuss some of your own personal experiences and ideas relating to these challenging issues.

Procedures, Ballot Handling and Security
You will have a chance to see how this very technical procedures section can become exciting, interesting and very easy to teach through interactive training methods such as games and small group interaction.

Provisional Voting
Learn about provisional voting and ways of preparing election poll workers to effectively determine which voters are eligible to vote provisional ballot and how to appropriately complete the ballot envelope.

Services to Voters with Disabilities and Special Needs:
Explore appropriate use of language in serving voters with disabilities as well as how to effectively and properly provide assistance.


Mary Simon Leuci, Community Development Program Director

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