Study Focus 2005


The GLE study tour for 2005

Program participants will visit Thailand to deepen and broaden their understanding and skills in conflict resolution, foster peaceful resolution of ethnic, cultural and religious differences in communities, and gain a greater understanding in how various religious groups and institutions in Thailand participate in a democratic society. 


The Community Development Department of the Royal Thai government will host the Missouri delegation and provide opportunities to visit local leaders, host families, government and non-government organizations and businesses as well as cultural and historic sites.


Study tours in the past have visited the following

  • work sites, factories
  • home based businesses
  • community groups
  • King and Queen's projects
  • Universities
  • Parliament
  • National Council of Women
  • Buddhist temples
  • child development center
  • hand craft center
  • homes for the aged
  • health center
  • village projects
  • environmental projects