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Global Leadership Education (GLE) Program

Announces a 21-Day Study program to Thailand

January  3-23, 2010

Emerging Young Professionals from 22 to 35




  Photos by Sandra Hodge

A Unique Opportunity !!

A small group of  12-13 young professionals from Missouri, aged 22 to 35, who work in community development, youth leadership development, service organizations or serve as volunteers in these areas in their  communities will be selected for a study program to Thailand.   The focus of the exchange will be to increase the Missouri delegate's awareness and understanding of how these areas contribute to civic engagement and community sustainability in Thailand.  Participants will learn how Thai communities identify their needs, how service organizations find their niches, how service projects are funded and how they are organized and the role of volunteers in communities.


 GLE will focus on building participants' leadership skills to plan, implement    and evaluate local community service programs with diverse populations as well as the role of volunteers. The goals for delegates are to

1)     Deepen and broaden their understanding of community service and the role NGO’s, charities and other service organizations play in their communities; how community needs are identified; and the organizational structures and funding of service organizations.   

2)     Participate more fully in their communities and to integrate their learning into civic responsibilities.

3)     Increase collaboration and partnerships, new programming, and organizational improvements between and institutions and people in Thailand


The program will be led by Dr. Sandra Hodge, Director, Global Leadership Education with the assistance of Barbara Eavy, Community Development Specialist, University of Missouri Extension along with the experienced staff of our co-host, the Community  Development  Department of the Royal Thai Government. 




Sandra Hodge, Ph.D.   email:    573-882-4435

230 Gentry Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia MO 65211



Mary Simon Leuci, Community Development Program Director

Updated  1/12/09