About Community Development

Resources and programming offered by the Community Development Program are readily available from all pages of the MU Extension website through the "Community and leadership" tab. To find information about specific programs, narrow your search using the navigation to the left.

Weaving tight-knit communities

University of Missouri Extension helps people create communities of the future. Community development education helps citizens tap into local strengths and university resources.

Missouri communities are made up of more than the people who live and work there. Every community is a tight-knit fabric of relationships, woven by the leadership of its citizens and partnerships of local businesses and agencies to build better lives for all residents. The Community Development Program works collaboratively with communities to foster economic development, leadership development, community decision making, community emergency preparedness and inclusive communities.

Impact for Missourians

Across Missouri, the community development program is making a difference. For a look at how, view the impacts for fiscal year 2016 (PDF) and see the Missouri Community Development Impact Vignettes for FY16 (DOCX).

Find faculty across the state

Community development faculty members can be found across Missouri.


Stephen Jeanetta
CD Education Director
Community Development Program