2018 4-H Camp 

If you are applying for the 2018 4-H camp, you will need 4 forms: 1.The Camp Application 2.The Swim Waiver 3. Your Child's Health Form found at Missouri 4-H in your family portal. 4. Authorization Form.  

  1. 2018 Camp Application (PDF)
  2. 2018 Camp Swim Waiver (PDF)
  3. Missouri 4-H Online to access the Health Form
    1. Login 
    2. Select "continue to family"
    3. Under "member reports" select the 4-Her you need a form for from the drop down menu.
    4. Select the "Health form" from the next drop down menu.
    5. A PDF will download to your computer.  Print it and place with the rest of the packet.
  4. Authorization Form Instructions
    1. Same procedure listed above only select "Authorization form" from the second drop down menu. 


2018 Clover Kid Camp: Due May 1, 2018 

2018 Clover Kid Day Camp Registration Form (PDF) 



Fair Forms DUE July 1st 

Cass County/State Fair Demonstration & Indoor Project Guidelines 2018 (PDF) 

Excused Project Form (PDF) 

Demonstration & Public Speaking Forms and State Guidelines: County Forms due July 2, 2018.

2018 Demonstration & Public Speaking Registration (PDF)

2018 4-H State Public Speaking Rules (Link)

2018 MO State Fair Demonstration Guidelines (PDF)

 **The Demonstration information begins on page 4.**  


Fashion Review Forms

The Clothes you Buy (PDF) Revised 5/31/18

The Clothes you Make (PDF) Revised 5/31/18

Knits and Crochets (PDF) Revised 5/31/18


General forms

(Clover Crier) Reporter Form (PDF)
Project Meeting Attendance Form (PDF)
Club Constitution and By-Laws Outline (PDF)
Excused Absence Form (PDF)
Youth Health Statement, Consent and Event Acceptance Form (PDF)
Adult Health Statement, Consent and Event Acceptance Form (PDF)
Member Monthly Activities Report (PDF)
Volunteer Application (PDF)
Volunteer Services Confidentiality Statement (for use with 4-H volunteers) (PDF)

End-of-year forms DUE September 1 

4-H Alumni Awards (PDF)
County Medal Application (PDF)
I Dare You Leadership Awards (PDF)
Friend of 4-H Awards (PDF) 
Gene Olson Donor Awards (PDF)
Outstanding 4-H Family (PDF) 
Application for Outstanding 4-H Member Awards (PDF)

Award and contest forms DUE September 15

Missouri 4-H Recognition Form, Level 3 (Ages 14-18) (PDF)
Missouri 4-H Recognition Form, Level 2 (Ages 11-13) (PDF)
Missouri 4-H Recognition Form, Level 1 (Ages 8-10) (PDF)
Community Service Award (PDF)

Remember you can turn these forms in place of the traditional record book forms, These forms also qualify you for Regional Awards and Scholarships.

Record book forms Due September 15

Club Participation Record (PDF)
4-H Shooting Sports Project Record (PDF)
Cass County Project Record (PDF)
Personal Page (PDF)

Shooting Sports

Parental Permission Waiver of Liability (PDF)
Shooting Sports Policies and Procedures
State Shooting Sports Registration (PDF)
Shooting Sports Project Records (PDF)

2018 Horse Show Packet 

  1. 2018 Horse Membership Letter (PDF)
  2. Missouri Horse Enrollment Form (PDF)
  3. Spring Fun Horse Show-May 19 (PDF)
  4. County Horse Show-June 24 (PDF)
  5. Area Horse Show-July 7 (PDF
  6. 4-H Horse T-Shirts Order Form (PDF)
  7. Super Horse Enrollment Form (PDF)
  8. Riding Levels Testing (PDF)
  9. 2018 High Point Award Information (PDF) 
  10. New Sponsorship Form (PDF) 


Trip and scholarship information

Missouri 4-H Foundation scholarships