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MU Business/Farm Income Tax School

If you want timely and practical tax information for assisting business/farm tax clients, you will want to participate in this highly rated continuing professional education opportunity.  One tax school participant states, "If I went to only one tax seminar a year, the Missouri Extension Farm Tax School would be the one I’d go to.  Year after year, it’s the best!”

MU Extension 2014 Summer and Fall Tax Schools

The 2014 MU Extension Tax School is an IRS approved Continuing Education (CE) provider. 

Fall 2014 Tax School
Day 1  (6 hours Federal Tax Law and 2 hours Federal Tax Update)
Optional Day 2 School    (6 hours Federal Tax Law and 2 hours Ethics)

Fall 2014 Tax School Topics included:
Ag and Business Issues
Individual Taxpayer Issues
Estate and Gift Taxes
Tax Practice and IRS Issues
New Tax Legislation, Rulings and Cases
Affordable Health Care Tax Issues
Net Investment Income (NIT) Tax self rentals (leasing land to LLC)
Amish Tax Issues
Business Entities
Retirement Accounts required minimum distributions
Crop Insurance examples
Affordable Health Care Taxes
Grain for charities, wages and vehicles
Form 3115 Chang ein Account

Summer 2014 Tax School 
(6 hours Federal Tax Law and 2 hours Federal Tax Law Update)

Summer 2014 Tax School Topics included:
Agricultural Tax-Related Case Update
New Legislation and Regulatory Update
Repair Regulations
Final NIIT Regulations
2014 Farm Bill
Selected Issues in Agricultural Taxation
Selected Like-Kind Exchange Issues
Deferred Livestock and Grain Sales
Taxation of Crop Insurance Benefits
Conservation Easements
Hedging for Farmers - Tax and Financial Issues
Qualified Domestic Production Deduction - Agriculture
Farmers and Fishermen Income Averaging
Issues Associated with Wind Energy and Oil and Gas Leases
Gifts of commodities and Kiddie Tax Rules
Material Participation Rules/Issues for Farmers
Harvesting Basis - Farm Estate Assets