The following is a great resource on Pasture Weed and Brush Control by Anthony Ohmes, Agronomy Specialist

  Crop Update for 4/11/14

 Crop Update for 4/21/14 - Wheat Development

   and Corn Nitrogen Management


Alfalfa Weevil Management Information for producers:

Crop Update for 4/28/2014  - Flooded Corn Fields, Alfalfa Weevil Managment and Pesticide Collection Day in Perryville, MO.

 Crop Update for 5/9/2014 - Wheat - Is fungicide Application necessary?  Soybeans and Weed control needs;

Corn - is replanting necessary? Hay Quality and cold weather conditions?  All these topics are covered in this weekly update from Anthony Ohmes, Agronomy Specialist.

Crop Update for 5/20/14 - Armyworms, Yellow and Purple Corn and Soybean scouting - Information from Anthony Ohlmes, Agronomy Specialist


Crop Update for 6/17/2014 - Head Blight of Wheat, Soybean Weed Management and Oh NO!!! Here come the Japanese beetles!!