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MU Extension is now offering an online course in food preservation

Have you always wanted to learn how to preserve food safely?  Do you want to update your current food preservation skills?  The University of Missouri Extension is now offering an online course in food preservation.  

This course is filled with everything you need to know to get started in canning and preserving your own foods.  In this course you will learn the science behind canning and preserving, how to get started and the various methods of canning and preserving, such as:

  • Pressure canning
  • Water-bath canning
  • Steam canning
  • Freezing and dehydration
  • How to make pickles, salsa and sweet spreads

Learn the importance of reducing safety risks and about all the benefits of taking part in this age-old tradition.  Practice your new skills at a hands-on workshop near you.  Registration for the hands-on course is available within the online course.  Register online at under the "Online Courses" tab.

For more information, contact Amy Bartels, Nutrition and Health Specialist, 573-346-2644 or