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4-H SET curriculum guide

4-H Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) activities can enhance any 4-H event, activity or club model. This guide provides a fast, fun and effective way to provide SET hands-on experiences. We have used these activities at camp, afterschool clubs and project leader trainings to name just a few.

4-H SET activities and projects combine non-formal education with hands-on, inquiry-based learning in a positive youth development context to engage youth in improving their SET knowledge, skills and abilities.

In inquiry-based learning, youth build understanding through active exploration and questioning. Youth are not given the answers but seek answers to the questions. This requires the facilitators who lead these activities to engage youth in the learning process. Youth are given a chance to explore and observe vs. just getting an answer.

Pampers, Peeps and Polymers Guide (PDF)

Resource Guide

North Dakota 4-H Recreation Games and Activities (PDF)