4-H Clubs

Camden County has two community clubs and nine afterschool clubs across the county.

Community Clubs

Camden County Clover Kids

Clover Kids introduces five to seven year olds to the 4-H experience. In Clover Kids, children learn how to get along with others, work in groups, and explore their interests, while building self-confidence. Clover Kids do not enroll in projects or raise animals and do not participate in competitive events, contests or shows.  This club also includes older children that are allowed to enroll in projects; raise animals; and participate in competitive events, contests or shows. The Camden County Clover Kids club meets at 6 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month at the Camdenton Library Meeting Room, Camdenton.

Club Leaders:  Tifinni Hennville

Easy Riders 4-H Equine Club meets on the second Saturday of each month at the Camdenton Branch of the Camden County Library District.

The club focuses on horseless horse, horse showing and judging and horse riding

Club Leaders:  Donna Ogle and Laura Parkurst

Dreams for Jonna Club meets at the Macks Creek School

Club Leader:  Debbie Wommack

Robin Hoods Den 4-H Club

Club Leader:  Darrell Dixon

After-school Clubs

Osage Beach Elementary Jr. FLL LASER FIRST® Robotics is for second and third graders.
Coach:  Andrea Weiss

Hawthorn Elementary Jr. FLL LASER FIRST®  Robotics is for third graders.
Coach:  Candie Schmidt

Dogwood Elementary Jr. FLL LASER FIRST® Robotics is for second graders. 
Coach:  Sonya Snicker

Osage Beach Elementary FLL LASER FIRST® Robotics is for fourth graders.
Club Leader:  Anna Leezer

Hawthorn Elementary FLL LASER FIRST® Robotics is for fourth graders.
Coaches:  Lynn Cramer, Adam Johns, Sharon Moehle and Hannah Lipps

Hurricane Deck Elementary FLL LASER FIRST® Robotics is for fourth graders.
Coach:  Margaret Jones

Oakridge Intermediate FLL LASER FIRST® Robotics 4-H is for fifth and sixth graders.
Coaches:  Barney Irvine, Pat McWhirter, Judi Amerine and Cathy Becker

Camdenton Middle School FTC LASER FIRST® Robotics is for seventh and eighth graders.
Coaches:  Jane Morris and Christine Head

Camdenton High School FRC LASER 3284 Robotics is for ninth and twelfth graders.
Coaches:  Mitch Comer and Sherry Comer