4-H Clubs

Camden County has four community clubs and nine afterschool clubs across the county. 

Community Clubs

Wranglers 4-H Equine Club meet in the Roach-Camdenton area and covers horseless horse, horse showing, horse judging and Clover Kids.
Club leader:  Angela McNeary
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Denim and Dust Club meets at 7 p.m. on the last Thursday of every month in the Climax Springs School Cafeteria.
Club Leader:  Tammy Gilbert
Clover Kids Leader:  Trina McNeely
Outdoor Sorts Leader:  Darrin McNeely

Easy Riders
Club Leader:  Donna Ogle
Co-Leader:  Pam Campbell

Camden County Clover Kids
Club Leader:  Kylie Uchtmann

After-school clubs

Youth EXCEL (Experience in Community Enterprise and Leadership) (for seventh and eighth graders) meets monthly from October through December.
Club leader: Michele Kroll

4-H Fantastic Friday's (for Hawthorn third and fourth graders and Hurricane Deck) meets one Friday a month from October through April.
Club leader: Michele Kroll

Oakridge Robotics 4-H meets Fridays.
Club leaders: Jane Morris and Sharon Tussey

Camdenton Middle School 4-H Robotics
Club leaders: Bart Gulshen and Amy Larrington

4-H Laser
Club leader: Sherry Comer

Osage Beach Elementary Robotics
Club Leader:  David McCumber

Hawthorn Robotics 
Club leader:  Denise Richardson

Camdenton Second Grade Jr FIRST Laser meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at Dogwood Elementary from February to April
Club leader:  Jane Morris

Camdenton Third Grade FIRST Laser meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from November to January
Club leader:  Jane Morris