2014 Callaway County Youth Expo

                  July 9-12

        Auxvasse Lions Club &

    Auxvasse Elementary School



90th Annual Soils Crops & Livestock Producers Conference — Jan. 14, 2014

The conference was held at the Extension Center with approximatly 45 producers attending. Topics included: USDA Update, Weather Update and Outlook, Water Quality and Pesticide Use, Cover Crops, Market Update and Price Outlook for 2014, and Active Carbon Testing with a hands-on demonstration. Based on evaluations, 78% of participants agreed or strongly agreed they would make management changes to their operations based on information learned from the conference and 94% of participants agreed or strongly agreed they learned something that would increase their profitability of their operations.









Ron Plain gives producers a market update and price outlook.                                                                             

Participants shaking soil samples for an active carbon test.

Callaway County Annual Dinner — Feb. 13, 2014

The annual dinner is a time to recognize and install the outgoing and incoming council members who have served or will serve on the council.  State representatives and legislators are invited to interact with constituants they serve and learn about the impacts MU Extension has on the community.  Local participants are recognized for their leadership and support of extension programming.  This year's highlighted program was 4-H Youth Development with local past and present 4-Hers giving personal testimonies regarding the impact of 4-H in each of their lives. 

Participants gathering at the Callaway County Annual Dinner.

Newly elected officers (from left to right): Shelley Bryant-Secretary; Peter Sutter-Treasurer; Pam Phelps-Vice Chair; Allison Carpenter-Chair.

Denise Hubbard, Callaway County Clerk, swearing in newly elected officers.

The Humphreys family was recognized for the Missouri State Fair 55th Annual Farm Family.

4-H Youth Expo Recognition Recipients (from left to right)- Carson Humphreys, Donna and Mike Musgrove.

Leader Honor Roll Recipient- Tommy Lee

Beef Reproduction Field Day — March 8, 2014

The Beef Reproduction Field Day was held at Linnenbringer Farms in Auxvasse with 42 participants, representing 15 counties in attendence. Participants rotated between four stations with the topics listed below. Based on verbal and evaluation comments, participants enjoyed the event and learned a lot. Results of a portion of the evaluation is below.

Will you consider using the following tools to improve your operation?
  No (%) Not Likely (%) Maybe (%) Likely (%) Yes (%)
Estrus synchronization 4 11 19 31 35
Artificial insemination 7 4 21 29 39
Calving assistance 3.5 0 3.5 34 59
Fetal aging & sexing 4 32 36 21 7
Herd health & vaccination protocols 0 4 7 15 74








Number of informational tidbits acquired which may be used to improve operation.
  None (%) 1-2 (%) 3-4 (%) >/=5 (%)
Estrus synchronization 0 12 46 42
Artificial insemination 3.5 28.5 32 36
Calving assistance 0 3 38 59
Fetal aging & sexing 7 28.5 36 28.5
Herd health & vaccination protocols 0 17 22 61




Station 1- Estrus Synchronization and Pre-Breeding Exams

Dr. Dave Patterson and graduate students taught participants about estrus synchroniztion protocols and showed reproductive tract scoring system and its importance.

Participants had the opportunity to look at reproductive tracts at different levels of maturity. 

Station 2- Artificial Insemination

Participants had the opportunity to practice artificially inseminating reproductive tracts.  They were able to see what they would be feeling when artificially inseminating cattle.

Dan Busch instructs a participant on how to artificially inseminate.

Station 3- Calving Assistance

Dr. Dawna Voelkl taught participants the different presentations of calves and how to fix it, resuling in a higher survival rate for calves.

Participants learned what situations they could fix and when to call a veterinarian for assistance.

Station 4- Fetal Aging & Sexing with Ultrasound

Dr. Scott Poock showed participants how ultrasound is used to determine fetal ages and sexes of fetuses.

Ultrasound image of the fetus used to determine the age and sex of the fetus.

Lunch Discussion- Herd Health & Vaccination Protocols

Dr. Scott Poock educates producers about herd health and vaccination protocols.

Participants learned different aspects of herd health and recommended vaccination protocols for Missouri producers.

Show-Me Quality Assurance

The Show-Me Quality Assurance (SMQA) program was developed to increase the knowledge and awareness of Missouri youth about food quality issues related to animal production.  All 4-H members enrolled in food animal projects including beef, sheep, swine, dairy cattle, meat and dairy goats, rabbits, poultry, and hams must complete this certification to be considered a 4-H member in good standing in that project.  Callaway County certified 24 total participants with two of those coming from Cole County.  Participants rotated between stations to learn information and do a hands-on project on the topics listed below.

Station 1:  Partners in Quality

Participants learned how their youth market projects fit into the food supply and their part in assuring a safe food product.

Station 2:  Daily Care

Participants learned what the basic needs of all animals are and how to properly care for their youth market projects.

Station 3:  Handling and the Flight Zone

Participants learned ways of approaching animals safely and how the lack of depth perception affects the movement of animals.

Station 4:  Handling and Avoiding Bruising

Participants learned why it is important for producers to avoid damage to animal tissues and where the higher value cuts of meat are located.

Station 5:  Animal ID

Participants learned why is is important to indentify animals individually.

Station 6:  Feed Labels

Participants learned what feed labels tell us, the difference between ingredients and analysis, and why it is important to read all feed labels.

During the closing station, participants learned what biosecurity is and why it is important, as well as, ethics and character traits important for all youth.

Focus on Kids

Parent education classes for divorcing parents are offered monthly at the Callaway County Extension Center.

See more about the Focus on Kids program details.