Forms and reports



  • National 4-H Week/first full week in October
  • Shooting Sports Leader Certification
  • Horse Bowl Coach Certification Training-online
  • 4-H Council Meeting:  4th Monday of October/Extension Meeting Room @ 7:00 pm




  • MFA Saddle Award Application due January 2
  • Move Across Missouri begins January 1
  • 4-H Council Meeting: 4th Monday of January, 7 pm
  • FLEX Host Family Application January 1
  • Applications for Camp Counselor due January 15


  • Teen Conference registration due February 1
  • Legislative Academy
  • Steer Weigh-in (usually 2nd Saturday of this month)
  • CEC Dinner on the first Saturday of February
  • Beekeeping Essay contest applicaiton due February 15
  • Meats Judging Contest registration due February 1
  • Youth Civic Leaders Summit due February 1
  • Agribusiness Academy-Dept of Agriculture forms due February 1


  • Tennessee Walking Horse Award
  • Department of Agriculture Grading & Judging Clinic
  • Horse Judging Contest & Clinic due March 1
  • Kansas City Global Careers Conference
  • Shooting Sports Leader Certification due this month
  • 4-H Council Meeting 4th Monday of March, 7 pm @ Extension Center
  • KTIS Dinnner on the first Saturday of March
  • Equine trip due March 1
  • SMQA Certification Class offered in Callaway


  • 4-H Foundation Scholarship Application due April 1
  • Horse Bowl contest forms due April 1
  • Meats Judging Contest
  • Hippology State Contest
  • Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Contest
  • Shooting Sports CertificationWorkship
  • 4-H Day with the Cardinals
  • 4-H Council Meeting on the 4th Monday of April @ 7 pm @ the Extension Center
  • Registration for Camp Clover Point begins
  • State Congress forms due April 15


  • 4-H Day with the Cardinals
  • State 4-H Congress Livestock Judging
  • Jackpot Swine Show on the Saturday of Memorial weekend
  • Horse Project Enrollment Forms due May 1
  • State Poultry Day forms due May1
  • Sheep, Goat,  Swine weigh-in on the first Saturday of May and forms due by the following Friday.


  • State 4-H Congress
  • Citizenship Youth Forum
  • Citizenship Washington Focus
  • Poultry Day
  • Dairy Cow Camp
  • National Shooting Sports Contest
  • 4-H Sportfishing Day
  • Mizzou Livestock Judging Camp
  • Agribusiness Academy-Department of Agriculture
  • Counselor camp at Camp Clover Point
  • Traditional Camp at Camp Clover Point
  • Shooting Sports Camp at Camp Clover Point
  • 4-H Council Meeting, 4th Monday of June, 7 pm @ the Extension Center
  • State Fair livestock entries due July 1
  • Summers @ Mizzou due June 1


  • Missouri State Fair Horse Show enrollment due July 1
  • Aerospace Camp
  • 4-H Council Meeting on 4th Monday of July, 7 pm @ Extension Center
  • Missouri 4-H Century Family Award due July 1
  • Missouri State Fair Demonstration froms due July 15 (winners from county contest)
  • Missouri State Fair Animal entry forms due July 1


  • Missouri State Fair
  • End of the year paperwork due

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Awards & Recognition Forms


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