Family financial education

This Web page has multiple sections:

1.  Critical resources for you:  How you can start learning with us right here, right now through this website
2.  Workshop topics available
3.  How to contact the family financial education specialists in the Central Missouri region

1.  Critical resources for you — Start learning with us right now

graphic: Fake dollar bill shows George Washington having a headache illustrates financial woesPutting a financial plan in place and moving forward (32 minutes). Click here to watch a 32 minute presentation by Drs. Vivian Anderson and Cynthia Crawford. In the same time that it takes to watch a game show on TV, you'll learn strategies to change your financial future.

Supporting documents for your financial plan. Click on the blue links below for further information.

  1. Setting Family Goals (PDF)
  2. MU Extension publication GH3830, Managing Your Money
  3. MU Extension publication GH3600, Living on Less
  4. 66 ways to save money (PDF)
  5. Small amounts add up (PDF)
  6. Financial mistakes even smart people make (PDF)
  7. Net worth statement (PDF)
  8. When expenses are greater than income (PDF)
  9. A free copy of your credit report (PDF)
  10. Rebuild your credit (PDF)
  11. Your credit score (PDF)
  12. When creditors are predators (PDF)
  13. Volunteer income tax assistance program
  14. Contact information: Vivian Anderson (PDF)

Remember, you fail when you focus on what you want now rather than what you want most

 Appreciation is expressed to the Saline County United Way for partial funding for this program development work.

There is only one correct website to use to check your credit report. 

Financial management forms

Homebuyer Education (U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development)

This two-hour seminar helps first-time homebuyers qualify for USDA rural development home loans. Your lender will let you know if you need to schedule this seminar. Seminars are scheduled on demand. Our goal is not to delay real estate closing for lack of a certificate, but the specialist's schedule can be a factor. Contact Vivian Anderson, PhD (Fulton). There is a $60 fee for the seminar. You will leave the seminar with the necessary certificate in hand. There is no test.

Who can help with financial issues in Missouri?

Sudden wealth can be positively life-changing — but it is not guaranteed

A sizeable severance package, an insurance settlement, proceeds from a successful law suit, or even winning the lottery can force families to make decisions about than they’ve ever had before at one time. Learn how to make sudden wealth (PDF) positively life-changing.

Check out You'll find solutions for better living!

2.  Is your group ready to host a workshop in the East Central Region?

If you have 12 or more people who want to spend one hour or more learning about one of the topics on the list that follows, contact Vivian Mason or Cynthia Crawford for details!


Major topics


Your Financial Game Plan

How to get a financial plan in place.

Balancing expenses with income — and your limited options when expenses exceed income.

Replace worry with fabulous financial plays

Increase your financial strength

Less fighting and more talking about family financial fitness.

Participants receive a fabulous spiral of materials


When You Lose Your Job — Don’t Panic, Take Control

This workshop focuses on people who are between jobs.

Eight great steps for taking financial control.

Replace worry with action solutions. You may even sleep better after this workshop.

Offered free through Missouri Career Centers (on site).


Can be scheduled by others; however these workshops are not funded by the Missouri Career Centers.

Homebuyer Education (2-hour class to meet United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development requirements)

A two-hour workshop for first-time homebuyers to qualify for USDA rural development home loans

Will work with individual families. $60 workshop fee per household. Participants leave with certificate of completion.

Safeguard Your Savings

How do you balance returns with risk?

What are viable options for saving and investing in 2012?

The principles haven’t changed but the way they are applied has.

Keep your knowledge base on saving and investing up to date!

All costs for this workshop are funded by the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office and the Investment Protector’s Trust.

Thrifty Estate Planning

Set your goals and then make them happen.

Don’t wait until you have a perfect plan to put an estate plan in place.

There are many strategies that cost little or no money for estate planning basics.

Emphasis on plans for personal property — Who gets grandma’s yellow pie plate?


Retirement Planning

This workshop is especially for people in the retirement red zone —
5 to 10 years away from retirement.


VITA/Taxpayer Education

Get your home paperwork organized so that your tax preparation goes smoothly.

If your taxes are relatively simple, we’ll even tell you where you can get them done well (and for free)!


Personal Finances and Disasters

How to prepare your finances and your family for natural disasters. In Missouri, it is a question of when, not if.


College Students and Money


Are you smarter than a Viking (or other school mascot)?


Small Steps to Health and Wealth

Great parallels for improving your health and your finances. Taking the small steps we suggest will result in big improvements!



3. East Central Missouri Family Financial Education Specialist

Vivian Anderson primarily serves Callaway, Cole, Gasconade, Lincoln, Montgomery, Osage and Warren counties.

Vivian J. Anderson, PhD
Family financial education specialist
Callaway County MU Extension Center and County Program Director
5803 County Road 302
Fulton, MO 65251
Phone: 573-642-0755
Fax: 573-642-8552