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    More Grass on Fewer Acres (Session 1 of 2)


    Tuesday, March 5, 2019, 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.


    Dallas County Tech Center
    33 Votech Road, Louisburg MO map...


    Forages are the backbone to the cattle industry. This program has been created to assist landowners in making sound decisions about pasture improvements while allowing for greater carrying capacities over longer periods of time. An evening meal and/or snacks will be provided at each session along with handouts relevant to the topics. The targeted program is to teach producers how to improve forage production economic return while protecting the environment. March 5th topics include Accessing the Current Pasture Situation (Inventorying your current grass/legume types, Weed pressure and possibilities, Broomsedge is not a desirable grass): Understanding how much of your pasture grasses are underutilized due to your current grazing practices (Grazing condition,Continuous VS Controlled grazing, Grazing to the proper height to allow recover, What beef cattle really need to make it through the winter) and The Importance of Improved Fertility and How it can be Obtained ( Soil Testing, Understanding how important lime is and what it does for your production, Taking a quality soil sample, Reading and understanding your soil test results, Additional grass will require proper fertility). March 12th topics include The Proper Selection of Pasture Grasses & Pasture Legumes (The ones cattle will eat) as well as why the grasses/legumes will not stay, Understanding Year Round Grazing (Less Hay more Grazing), and Understanding carrying capacity, what it can effect, and how to calculate it.


    To enroll please contact the Hickory County MU Extension Office at 417-745-6767 or email halleranw to hold your spot.



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    The cost will be $10.00 per night or $15.00 for both sessions. (Proceeds to be used to support travel of the speakers and meals.)


    William Halleran,
    MU Extension in Hickory County
    phone: 417-745-6767

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