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    Private Pesticide Applicator Training (Session 7 of 7)


    Monday, July 23, 2018, 8 a.m. to midnight


    Darr Center
    2401 S. Kansas Expressway, Springfield MO map...


    The Private Pesticide Applicator Training (PPAT) Program at the University of Missouri involves the initial training and recertification of Missouri’s approximately 24,000 private pesticide applicators. The need for training in the application of pesticides is of high importance due to both the legal requirements and a real need for technical knowledge. Society’s demands for a cleaner environment encourage private applicators (farmers) to increase their knowledge and put new practices into use. The MU private pesticide applicator program reaches into essentially each of Missouri's 114 counties to train farmers on the safe and proper use of agricultural pesticides on their farmlands, including restricted-use pesticides (RUPs). To meet the legal requirement mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Missouri Department of Agriculture’s Bureau for Pesticide Control for obtaining certification, an aspiring private applicator must fulfill one to the following: 1) attend a training program conducted by a local regional extension specialist, or 2) complete a self-study tutorial course through the use of an interactive CD-ROM or video/workbook in their local University of Missouri Extension Center. To keep the certification valid, the private applicator is required to renew once every five years by repeating the same process. Currently there are approximately 30 regional extension specialists who conduct educational programs for certifying and recertifying private applicators. Once per year, new regional specialists are funded through program funds to come to Columbia for orientation of the PPAT program.

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    Pesticide Training For Missouri Vo-Ag teachers at MVATA Conference


    Call Hickory County Extension for registration information at 417-745-6767.

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    If you have a current Private Pesticide Applicator Reference Manual (2007) bring it with you. The cost is only $5.00 for handouts and refreshments. Registration due one week prior to class date and would be appreciated.


    William Halleran,
    MU Extension in Hickory County
    phone: 417-745-6767

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