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    Fall Master Gardener Program in Cole County (Session 3 of 12)


    Monday, Sept. 18, 2017, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.


    Meet at North Jefferson City, the Parks and Rec 'Cedar City Room' (adjacent to the 'dog park'). Street address is 810 Sandstone Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101
    810 Sandstone Street, Jefferson City MO map...


    The Fall Master Gardener Program will be held at the Cole County Extension Center on Monday nights (6 - 9 p.m.) on August 28 through November 20. No class will be held on Labor Day. The fee for the program is $150 + 30 hours of volunteer service. Call The extension center at 573-634-2824 to find out more or email You can pay by credit card to reserve your space. All applications are due by Tuesday, August 22 with payment. A decision will be decided on that date if the program will take place, depending on the number of applications. If so, applications will be accepted until August 25. Some examples of topics taught across the 12 weeks include vegetables, turf, landscaping and flowers. Topics for a given session can be viewed, but may be adjusted. All classes are held at the extension center except for the class on Sept. 18th is at the Cedar City Room in North Jefferson City.

    Session topic:

    Meet at Cedar City room and tour the Master Gardener greenhouse and River City Gardens. Following that will be an indoor presentation on 'Plants- their growth and environment'.


    Application form can be accessed with this link:  more...






    James Quinn,
    MU Extension in Cole County
    phone: 573-634-2824

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